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Colors can hold a lot of hidden significance from a decorating perspective. Red, for instance, is frequently used to stimulate hunger, blue is viewed as a calming coloryellow is supposed to make us feel happier. Our tastes of those colors can show a lot about our own personalities, especially when we use them to adorn the walls of our personal refuge: our bedrooms. colour you paint your bedroom can show a lot about who you are, and so can the shade, saturation, and brightness of each hue. |} So what does your bedroom color reveal about you?

We've enlisted Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute and author of book Colors for Your Every Mood, to break things down for us, color by color.|}

Yellow is luminous and warm and so are the people who prefer it," says Eiseman. |} They love innovation and creativity.

Colors of the purple family are usually preferred by those who have a highly creative series, and Lilac lovers aspire for uniqueness but lean into the more sentimental, softer side of purple.

"Blue lovers are entirely devoted to the color. If darker blues are the favorites, you would like the colors that feel like the descending twilight hoursquiet, calm and thoughtful."

"Lighter blues are always connected with the skies and warm water --clean, clean, open and expansive would explain the way you prefer to feel on your environment." |}

"Teal blues have a tad more elegance due to their depth. The person who prefers this color likes the complexity [it], as it shows personality elements that combine both green and blue traits"

"Red requires attention, and thus does the lover of red. It's lively, impossible to ignore, spontaneous and extroverted--attributes which might well explain the individual who is drawn to this extreme and enthusiastic shade."

"Although pink is descended in the'mother shade' of red, it is not as ardent and demanding attention and more inclined to romance and tenderness--the ideal description of a pink lover's proclivities."

"Green folks love nature's most omnipresent and versatile shade. It's the perfect equalizer between warm and cool tones, and in the presence of green, they find the balance they always strive for."

"The person who prefers gray seeks security and protection by picking this most neutral of colors. Gray doesn't demand or always require the guarantee of enthusiasm, but does crave contentmentand equilibrium ."

"Orange lovers play and work hard, are adventurous and enthusiastic. Regardless of the inherent energy in orange, the people who love this amiable shade are more agreeable than competitive."

"The lightest variation of beige, brown is imbued with a certain sense of substance and equilibrium .
Beige lovers appreciate the subtlety of this color, enjoying the warmth. .

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